The Signature of All Things

I finished ‘The Signature of All Things’ by Elizabeth Gilbert the other day.

My first impression was to put the book away – the summary on the cover does it not an iota of justice. That’s a first, I wonder why they chose to put that description. After a couple of days however, I got round to it – Thank god.


The story line couldn’t be more perfect; the flow more impeccable. Everything about the book drew me further in – the plot, every intricate researched detail, the characters,the descriptive flow, the surroundings, the thoughts, the philosophies, the concept of time, the questions, everything.

The story is about Alma, her family, her upbringing, and innate and polished values. It covers ethics, science, history, philosophy,travel experiences, heartbreaks, some of life’s biggest questions. To keep it simple, it’s all about life.
It’s beautiful how the author portrays life as a parallel with moss, Alma’s area of research. How Alma, brought up with the staunch belief of accepting only that can be proven scientifically, cannot understand her husband’s love for the spiritual.

It just left me hanging dry with one question though. Alma wonders why some people cannot be happy with earth and it’s many mysteries. Why must people forever want the special connection to spirits and answers? Why do they look towards celestial life?
It left me dry for I’m that person too. I have a deeper resonance with the sky, souls, the moon, the wind and water – rather than say, moss.

Here are some of my favourite lines –

‘In all of our lives,there are days that we wish we could see expunged from the record of our very existence’
True, ain’t it. I smile in agreement every time I read it.

Well child, you may do whatever you like with your suffering” Hanneke said mildly. “It belongs to you. But I shall tell you what I do with mine.i grasp it by the small hairs, I cast it to the ground, and I gring it under the heel of my boot. I suggest you learn to do the same”
Good one, this.

And lastly, this. One would be a fool to not comprehend this.. Depth reaching into our everyday life –
Even after that encounter, she would not have allowed herself to love him so desperately, so thoroughly, so helplessly – not without his permission”

Books like this are the reason I read more and write less. When everything you want to say is written, why would you write? 😀


One thought on “The Signature of All Things

  1. Amazing book. Been a few wks and it still resonates. There were two places I thought the writing could’ve been better but apart from those, it was such an impressively VAST work and rich on so many levels. I could relate to both Alma and Prudence. Prudence, with her loving, pained secrets almost haunts me.


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