Story time

This one is for my Frings, who teaches me what friendship is, everyday.

Story time

Talk to me a story
That I be yours, forever!
Tell me about all those things
You know, that I’d want to hear?

Look around us –
The tents are up
The beds laid out
Here we are
Thick of nowhere
Its quiet and serene
The fire is out
The wind is set, no twitch to see!
The forest would like it so –
Oh won’t you tell me a story?
Tell it low but let your voice float

So I curl on my bed
And shut my tent, eyes, all
And tune in to your voice
And waltz into slumber.

Here I’ll start for you even..
“Once upon a time
On a moon lit path
We make our way to the painted house..”


(Pic: Google images)



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