This is a post by Chatterboxerr’s very first ‘Atithi’ (Guest writer) – Shravanthi. She is forever lost contemplating random things – from souls to why parking lots are designed the way they are. Have a good read!

India is a diverse country . There are so many languages spoken , so many traditions followed and so many religions which we believe in. We say there is “unity in diversity” . On first thought basis , yes . We come together to celebrate all festivals , we are heading towards creating a name for India in the global market and we respect all religions and people of different castes and creed . But if we think deeper , we are so different that we don’t have much in common . There are 15 ish identified languages spoken and if two persons from different regions were to converse , how would they? In English ? In India , the middle class and the elite families can afford to send their kids to English – medium schools where English is taught even before their mother tongue. And the lower class kids go to the government schools and their first language is mostly their mother tongue. This creates a divide. Eventually , it justifies our behaviour and body- language with different people. In this modern world , we should aim at treating everyone equally .From the security guard to the CEO, the house maid to the landlord and the common people to the celebrities , everyone deserves to be treated in a good and respectful manner. But how can this happen ? Is it affected by different languages spoken? In that case , what if there weren’t these language barriers? What if we all had one language in common? Maybe then there would be “unity” in diversity. Then we would experience massive development because ‘the more you bond , the more you progress’. And the unity hence created , would be so powerful that our name would florish all over the world. Jai Hind.

2015/01/img_0423.png ~ Shravanthi


One thought on “Unity

  1. Shravanthi. Simple and thought provoking. It makes one think, does your entry. I have a doubt though. Isn’t a major part of the ‘diversity’ we go on about the different languages themselves? As it is English is becoming the norm, even in many lower class thanks to NGOs and the like. So .. Yes it will absolutely help address the equality and respect issue. But .. What about the big chunk of diversity?


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