My bestie and his smokes

My Zee smokes,
Maybe if I’d met my Zee a lil earlier,
Things be different!
(Or One more smoker be added:P)

A lifestyle choice
I’ve taken care to not jump at,
For this be an educated person’s choice.

So I accept it and judge it not,
Just as I’m not judged for being lost or quirky,
Or fat or moody –
Loved me the same, more in fact, Zee has.

I’ve asked Zee sometimes,
Why do people get so damn addicted to it?
*Will never judge to distraction*, I promise.
On comes a grin that speaks
Of depths of reasons..
The social and scientific media does cover it all.

One day my bestie says,
I hate it but I love it,
I cannot be without it, but can you please try?
This is not what I really want.
There’s something to life,
But this ain’t it all.

I look at Zee fearfully,
Remembering the times gone by,
When I’ve tried it vain to help such friends.
Lost I have them, or them me,
Or themselves to more, even more such habits.

No Zee, I do not know what I could do,
A medical consequence rant,
Or a berating,
Or a plethora of posts and posters,
Haven’t helped much,
I doubt I could.

Does he repeat
And I have gory images of spoilt lungs
And tobacco fumes sprouting out white hair
And oh the nauseous smells of another ciggi.
Sometimes I wonder why humanity
Doesn’t invent side effects like —
Lessended sex drive?
So these folks keep away from those packs,
Packs that rule their lives.
Or why governments
Say don’t smoke,
And then help and run such places.

Either I enforce it on you,
Like mandates’ families impose –
Don’t do it,
Never do it.

I tell you to breathe –
your lungs will be happy with the calm terrace breeze, Zee.
I tell you to write or dance or click pictures –
the more when your smoke urges hit.
I tell you I care about you,
Even when you seem not to (body wise, sir)
Cuz we all know happy you get grabbing on to those packs of grit.
I tell you I’ve seen you and your happy memories,
The real ones? And them packs never are in any such.
I tell you, you don’t have to wait for that dramatic twist –
Falling in love, having kids, hitting a jackpot – to make this choice.
You make it cuz you want to.
I tell you, if you smoke cuz you ‘just do’, you are an idiot –
And I don’t cherish being an Idiot’s friend.
If there’d be another reason, any other,
This is obviously not the solution.
And I’m here just to remind you, as friends would.
Nag I will not, threaten I will not, impose I will not –
Not even if you ask.

I ask of you
Hate me not,
Not even when them urges get to you.

A.K.A chatterboxerr

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