How we underestimate the power of frequency. The frequency we are in – with our inner selves, with our present and past and future, with our friends, family, absolute strangers. Frequency with our surroundings, our place of dwelling, place of work, our nature, our quirks, our thoughts.

Sit back and think about it – its beautiful, or woefully poignant.

How two people fall in love, understand each other, chose to spend time with one another, be negative or positive.
That’s frequency to some extent.

How two strangers meet and develop a liking and friendship with one another. How they in turn meet more people in the same frequency, and thus spend more time together.
Frequency, a bit.

How the introvert shies away from the crowd, how the extrovert mingles around. How the scientist hits a breakthrough, how a journalist gets to his best piece, how a student tops his exam, how a person gets his promotion.
How a recluse thinks, how a poet pens, how a photographer clicks that wow moment.
It has many words, these experiences and natures, and stories.
I chose to call it frequency.

I don’t know to what extent this be true, but I think this way for now. That when we can’t make a relationship kickstart or work – tuning off h bhai! When we don’t get what we crave, when that much cherished promotion slips by, when all that money never hits our account, when someone we love isn’t ours anymore, when those perfect days and memories are only memories now, when all that fame and power and things we think we need isn’t ours to chose – check your frequency.

Adjust it to your needs.
If you don’t, who will?
God? Maybe. This is about that first step.
God, any guru, any spiritual person or thing can only help you if you first tune in all your various haphazard frequencies.

Cheers, and have a bazinga of a tuned Saturday!

PS: It won’t all change in under a minute. This realisation will not guarantee that the person you love will love you back, that all your problems will fade away, and life will dazzle. No, but soon? Maybe.

A.K.A chatterboxerr



2 thoughts on “Frequency

  1. Again a beautiful read AK! Just an other thing popped up in my mind reading all about the frequency– resonance. It is that resonance moment in the frequency zone when one feels that he/she achieved something.

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