How in life we never truly say what we want to say
How even if we try
It comes out twisted and gay
I think it’s always been this way
And will always be so.

I don’t make any wishes here,
For really what are my wishes
But one person’s silliness.

Why for I don’t know
We got this way
Thinking of something
And putting up a front
Excuses they all are
To hide what’s real
Scared –
that what is real to us,
Is putty to the rest.
And If they call it putty,
No strength can we muster to call it naught
Broken we will be, except perhaps the stronger ones.
So we will never proclaim it
And hide it behind the senseless
Till our days are well past.

And there’d be days
when we wish we had to courage
To bring it out to shine.
But I doubt I will,
Will you?



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