Summary time!

What have I learnt this year? I was just discussing with Angi that I’ve never been this proud of myself or in love with myself – trust me, no ego pampering, this.

I’ve learnt that..
I’ll only understand some things when its time.
Just like I only manage to read a book
When its ready to open up to me.

I’ve learnt that the person I trust,
I trust the most, is myself.
Cuz I do best what is to be done for me, no excuses, no drama.
And doing it ASAP?
Oh boy, it really really helps.

I’ve learnt that all the good advice in the world aside,
My decision based on
my own thoughts, emotions and reflections,
Are infinitely more correct,
for me.
(So really, I only listen to advice I like;D )

I’ve learnt
To read my body and mind,
And pamper it so.
Health, I know now,
Is life.

I’ve learnt to
Unapologitically appreciate my quirks-
For deep within I feel them to be right.
Just like I know
Some friends I love
Will be around, unsaid,

I’ve learnt
How to handle my life, my way.
I’ve learnt
To accept only what is acceptable,
To me.

I’ve learnt
Finally, what I’d like to do with my life!
Good or bad this path be,
Ive chosen it.

Ive learnt..
My place in this world,
Where I want to be.

I’ve learnt
About positivity and negativity,
And which one to chose, for me.

I’ve learnt
To not fall prey
to society’s rules and chanting,
Nay not again.

I’ve learnt that
I’m MY responsibilty
Me, my body, heart and soul.

I’ve learnt that
Being alone is an art –
I have to find that time to do nothing,
For my sake.
There isn’t any boredom, now.

I’ve learnt to look after myself
First and foremost,
Before harking for upliftment elsewhere, everywhere and around.

What I love the most however
About this year is –
It taught me I can be happy, a lot.

It .. teaches me about wishing and imagination:)

I’ve finally learnt to be ME!


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