Saturdays, mine truly.

Hiiiii. It’s a Saturday!:D

God I love Saturdays. People who work or go to school or have hangovers after the weekend hate Mondays. I don’t have much love for it either.
The rest of the days, well no offence, I really couldn’t care less about them right now. *No space or time to BREATHE*
I do love Fridays a lot cuz it’s the last day before the weekend. But lord almighty how I cherish Saturdays!

I get up not when my alarm rings, but when my body feels rested.

I don’t rush through the house in a mad caper to get ready. I do not wash my hair and leave the house when it’s still wet – I hate going out with wet hair. Sinus and cold and a not-nice feeling to boot.

I walk, I don’t rush. I walk and I observe and appreciate the smallest of things.

I go for long walks, I dream, I feel one with nature.

I read, a lot.

I even manage to write, in peace.

I seem to love places with no human company – I AM a loner, but even the rest would agree that after five days of 10 hours of human company in a glass building filled with artificial air, it’s but normal.

I feel like I actually wake up to my thoughts and myself on Saturdays. ONLY.

Most people say Saturdays are great cuz you get to sleep in late. Perhaps. But Saturdays are when I like to get up early – and without them alarms going crazy! There’s nothing like living in a beautiful house with wind and chimes abuzz and waking up early to feel the non humid air before the sun shines bright and burns your skin.

I have tonnes of work to catch up on. But I usually line them up for Sundays. Even if I’d think about doing it all on Saturday, being the one-second-before-deadline kind of person, I’d still do it all on Sunday anyway.

It’s simple, really. I want to capture every breath, every drop of this day in a bottle and open it for much needed space and air at other times during the week when there’s a dearth of it.

A dozen other reasons.

The very essence of Saturday, in my current way of life, is freedom.
Oh, and mom’s food ten times a day;D

I almost get panic attacks mid way through Sat. I don’t want it to end, ever.

Pardon the caricature.

Saturday, mine truly.



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