If I had a clone, I’d send my duplicate to work, I suppose.
I’d send my precious other self
To Interact and act,
To show the world I was interested
In their worldly affairs
Which are but mere triffles in my life.
I’d send my ego around to be ruffled, hit, and praised,
taken through the ground to the skies.
I’d send it out for truly, it doesnt  get hit or high,
Its in the same place either way.
I just don’t want to go out there, for,
It bores me so.
This world we have built
Out of the world that is or was the actual world..
Oh it bores me so.
Not always, most times I forget to rue the lost world,
And I do forget the ruins
Amongst everyday ruffles
But some days like today,
Sitting at work
When rather, rather be I elsewhere
Learning things close to my heart..
Then do I miss it.
And therefore call out do I
For my clone!


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