The unrestrained place!

I don’t know if this be true for all.
Is there that one place .. That one place you permiss to see all shades of your personality?
That one place which has seen you jumping with joy, talking to your best friend over the phone, through anxiety and upsets, through heartbreaks and suicidal thoughts? That place that’s seen your happy day to day side. That place that’s seen you fifty shades fucked up and broken?
Maybe some of you’ll have had only one place to call home. Dads in a transferrable job. So I’ve lived in too many homes for me to have them as my know-it-all-be-yourself place.
For me .. Its always been terraces.
Any terrace in the dark, without a soul in sight or thought.
Under the night sky, with or without stars, through tears of happiness or intense sadness.. The night sky has held me in place.

Letting my curls lose and at the mercy of the wind.. Lying down under the stars and dreaming that I’m nothing, Just a bundle of energy, with no rules and mandates. And for those few minutes. . this simple moment was completely mine.
Till I started rambling about it over my blog, that is.
Are you telling me to find a personal diary to write?:P
Sorry, but I’m in the best terrace to date!
For those of you’ll who have such places to call yours.. Drop a reply will you? Dhanyawaad:D

Just saying, happiness in the smallest of things we say, but its actually quite a big thing!


3 thoughts on “The unrestrained place!

  1. Interesting and I would like to share a similar thought which I have regarding the same. I don’t know whether it is coincidental or what, terrace have been one of my favorite place too. Especially when you really want to get lost in the depth of sky. There are other favorite places of mine too like empty glassland, forests, and whatever wild places where you can find very few humans around.
    So I kind of remember the time when I was in the terrace while I was thinking of a parallel universe where I would pan out my view thinking if there was someone out there from any of those starts in the depth of the sky doing the same thing which I am doing? Or Is it me watching myself the whole scenario which has already happened to me and that particular moment of thought was the intersection of both the thoughts ? These thoughts go crazy and nerdy… Since this was a psych/philosophy section I felt happy to let out these thoughts 😀 But yes there are some unrestrained places !


    • Im reading The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking. Is it an irrelevant reply? I dont know. I think not.
      Tell me about the parallel universe and the billions of questions tumbling through heads turned towards the skies. Its like a tap set lose with no plumber nearby. Bad relation?:p
      Thanks for sharing this!:}


      • Hahaa. That’s cool. But for sure it is true that the tap set lose only to a few when they look up in the sky. Some say it’s madness, some say it’s nothing… But it doesn’t matter what “some” says… it is that happiness which we get on being unrestrained. Sometimes you feel like being an infinity, but as soon as you realize that infinity it(thoughts) all shrink back to nothing. This is kind of a strange experiences happen to me. 😀 It’s interesting to read your articles. Keep writing.
        Am an ardent subscriber to your blog 🙂


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