Ah! To be a child forever

I suddenly miss Orkut and the scrapbook. I think that’s where the ‘testimonials’ went up, right? Where friends and family dropped by to say what they loved about you, those special moments cherished always. Agreed, it could be an ego booster – for a person on cloud nine it could push him into full throttled arrogance. Yada bada boo. I’m talking about how when we grow up.. From institutions like schools to college.. On and beyond .. Suddenly we aren’t kids anymore. When we are kids, every step we take is noted. Every sketch we put up is looked at with love. Every piece of writing is ogled. Every small science experiment is appreciated galore. Every medal went up right there, at the mantle top. Everyone remembered to see how good you study, perform, and do in life. People told you what they liked about you, and what they didn’t. There used to be furious hair pulling fights, and an evening filled with food and games to make up for the fight. And like that, life was pretty much amazing. And quite suddenly, it’s gone. Yes a big promotion, the upcoming anniversary or the birthday, a placement, an admit from a university, more money, a bigger house, a noble deed and the spotlights on you. I’m not implying people don’t congratulate and burst with pride and happiness for friends and family doing good – quite in the contrary, there are photographs and parties thrown and celebration chocolates sent and gifts for every occasion and the lot. But.. Is that it? What about praise for a normal day? When everything is so routine and normal that mediocrity and mundaness breaks a person? Isn’t there something more to each one of us? Isn’t there something so beautiful within each one of us that needs to be nurtured and cared for and loved? Loved beyond a hundred years, loved even after we leave our dying bodies behind. Something to be proud about, something’s to be praised about, something to be patted on the shoulder about, something so magical I fail to put it into words. Cuz we are always the same within, babies to beyond. Why am I suddenly vying for a long lost form of social media? Amongst the current need of peoples to extol a person beyond stardom for something , or criticise the same person for his creation or art or deed.. Maybe there could be a common ground. Where we realise there’s more to our lives that reality. Or, Maybe I have ADD and my friends have got to pay me more attention:P Cheers, Adhithi

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