I promise

I promise I won’t run
If it’s me you want;
I promise I won’t run
If you want me to stay;

I promise I won’t cry
If you want only laughter:
Easy is this, as has always been-
It’s you and me.

But hear this my friend,
and it’ll serve you well to do so:
When I say something,
I mean it.
When I give you my word,
I shall keep it.
Double standard’s a bitch,
Keep clear of her my friend!
And the moment 
the fun and laughter moot out,
I promise I shall leave.

I promise to not-
Promise you anything, and
Get you to promise me nothing.
That’s how it should be.

I promise I’ll be myself,
If you’ll stay the same.
I promise not to fight it
If that’s the way you want it.

I chanced upon you,
found us;
So this promise I do make
for better or for worse
they are here to stay.



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