‘Ishmael’ by Daniel Quinn…. #Theamateursbookreview

We have established that I don’t believe in ratings, right?

<If not well here goes: Stories.. only till I started writing did I truly understand how laborious it truly is. No matter the plot, the climax, the twists, a story told is a story heard. It could be good with imagination to die for (hear HP) or grammar that makes one shut the book with a shudder (hear..well;) ). Point being, I cannot give it a 1 or 3 or 7.. I could say 'wow‘ or ‘oh no‘ or ‘hmm‘ and proceed to describe these exclamations. Again, from my point of view exclusively. God, do I ramble or what! Going back to Ishmael>

This genre is relatively new to me, so is spirituality. I hope I do the book justice. Fingers crossed.

Genre: Philosophical. Fantasy. Religion.
The story is unfolded through a dialogue between Ishmael, a gorilla, and a human.
It is a story conveying how we as humans, through centuries of mind conditioning, have reached this point where we are crashing into the abyss by exploiting the earth. It talks about evolution, humans, the ‘leavers’ and ‘takers’, ecology, food chain, balance, meaning, alternate historical theory, culture and conditioning, and enacting stories. This is the first book that makes me question agriculture:0

With man gone, would there be hope for gorilla?
With gorilla gone would there be hope for man?

What I found most remarkable about this book is the way we are made to think of obvious facts in a different way. How seemingly everyday knowledge regarding man and his history is questioned. And how, before reading about it here, I never thought about the origin of these stories. About the starting point of the stories passed down through time. For example, why was Adam told not to eat from the Tree of good and evil? Why is ‘Eve’ named so? And a plethora of other aspects.
I also liked the way there is historical and geographical justification provided to the theories introduced. And how none of the above mentioned aspects are put out to the reader in a heavy or compulsively boring manner.
Ishmael’s witticism is enjoyable, so is the human’s thoughts .. Like the normal questioning human of today’s age – lonely, lost, hopelessness abound and perpetually in the search for something.

I did not get a grip of how it was going to pan out,initially. It did not enthral me in the beginning, as it did after a few chapters. I guess it was so because it’s a new experience for me, this side of bookdom. So, don’t lose interest in the beginning! Read it out.

A beautiful and different, unexpected and quite informative a read for the amateur in me.

Ps: I need to give better reviews, right?
Maybe you could read the book and tell me how I missed out stating the obvious?:P

2 thoughts on “‘Ishmael’ by Daniel Quinn…. #Theamateursbookreview

  1. I think it was a nice review. I read the book some weeks ago. I don’t think Quinn writes very good fiction, but the philosophical reasoning is interesting and I find the topic important.


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