Painful nothings

I don’t know much about it
Or so I assume they think.
With me,
Most of it is self wrought.
I’ve figured long ago
That’s the worst of the lot
Cuz either it’s so bad
People give you pity
Or it’s so normal
It’s called mood swings.

To blokes out there
Who fit this gist,
Maybe this could
Induce a smile or a chortle –

It’s okay if what you feel
Doesn’t fit the norm
If your pain
Isn’t something others could relate to.
It’s okay if ..
You feel like there’s a punching bag missing in your room.
You don’t know what would get back that sense of calm
That You felt just moments ago.
You don’t know what you could do
To make yourself complete.
You know it’ll get better in moments or hours
But that single moment of pain?
It seems to last forever.

Be it any reason
Pain is pain,
You take it quietly and offer not a sight to the outside world
Or you buy that punching bag
or you pen it down ..
hoping someday it’ll have a tune.



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