Meaning, again.

Find me;
Can’t you see my fingers nearby, grasping at thin air?
Or are you waiting till they grab at you, specifically?
Do you perhaps wait for that other guy over there to do the needful?

But don’t you see?
He isn’t looking at me.
He isn’t going to feel my grasp
He isn’t going to hear my heart wrenching gasp
As help asked was denied
And everything was lost in life, for life, of life.
So won’t you help?

You know one day this could have been you..
Though I see you
And I know you didn’t have to grasp at thin air..
You must have had the hand guiding you from first breath
That you yearned to hold on to.

How do I know so?
Your eyes –
They hold fear and harbour a lost soul.
Pampered and loved and cared,
Protected from even the answers..
You don’t mean to harm me by denying me your hand
You just haven’t understood,
You haven’t yet understood that
You need me as much as I need you.



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