Weddings : Are we for reel (real)?


I recently attended another cousin’s wedding. I could be bold and say I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s a very dear sister but then I’d be lying. My mother would have dragged me by the ear to attend any wedding she deemed was important. Recently though, that’s been almost every wedding around the corner!

Anyway, during the multiple trips back and forth, and the time spent there, I got to catch up with family members and cousins, a rarity when college and work and life happen.

During the ceremony my brother says, did you know Marriages in India contribute 3% toward the revenue? Well the first thought that came to me was, 27 Dresses. Anybody would have that quick snap to Anne Fletcher’s amazing and all time favourite movie ( at least one of mine!),right? Well I did. Before I could get lost in the world of Benny and the jets and James Marsden ( I don’t need to explain why, do I?!) though, my brother pulled me out of it.

Now, as a 24 year old male graduate, one wouldn’t expect any less of him, shunning commitment and every long term serious relationship. It’s a completely different matter that I think so too. My mother shouldn’t know of this or beware readers- you will be attending my wedding tomorrow! Period.

Back to my brother’s non-stop bickering. What he said made sense. No hard feelings but why do we need weddings? Not marriage, because lately I’ve started appreciating some of the pros of marriage, but weddings?

It begs the question: why? Every aspect of it requires money and time and effort. Read money, then re-read it. From the planning to the arrangements and shopping ( if only shopping included only clothes! Or even clothes just for the bride and the groom!) to booking of halls and rooms, the presents. I’m not even getting started on the expenses incurred to the people attending the wedding. It seems an awful lot of everything that could be avoided. It’s a message to society all right. A rich, lump-sum, unnecessary pat in the back for everyone- from the government officer to the corporate top notch climbers to our politicians and actors.

Ask my granny and she’d smile getting lost in the memories of the multitudes of weddings she’s attended over eight decades. I daren’t ask my mother. My dad? Well the poor thing, I’ll give him a pass! The aunts, the other relatives? They love it. A small gushing and smiling part of me understands the whole concept: for some it’s to just follow blindly society’s tradition, while for some it’s to prove something, yet to others it’s just a happy go merry time, precious time to catch up with family and friends. To make it feasible the duration too has been cut short. Granny cribs about how back then it used to be a gung-ho elaborate affair and the wedding ceremony itself used to last 9 days!  Today it lasts a day, tops. Didn’t I love the fact that to attend these weddings I got some quality time with my cousins? All the travel and merriness!

It’s just that, I’ve just started interacting with other aspects of society. The underprivileged kids and their life, their education. The whole process that at times leaves me crying into the night for sometimes, it all seems bleak and never ending.

To each his own. It’s not my job butting into anyone’s life or choice: anybody’s choice of expenditure. I guess all I’m saying is whoa people! Cut it down a tad and look around!

Reality check.


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