Baby no more!

Soon , we need to attempt

to make unique our footprints


lost we will be among the masses.

Soon we have to grow up,

and get out of the protective family coating.

Fend for ourselves, try living up to our needs and ideals.

I fear not about the journey, or the end even.

I fear that we might sell ourselves short.

I fear we might not cover the extra mile.

I fear that we’ll adjust to that we shouldn’t;

to quirks with no quality.

I fear that we’ll lose ourselves and not realize;

what then is the point of living?


One thought on “Baby no more!

  1. Adi I know u want to achieve as a writer ,after u graduate. It’s a great task . I wish u n support n Ur journey. All t best.

    U can write Ur own destiny but should be steadfast n convicted to a cause


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