Lashing out

When I sat to write this post the first time, there was no time. I had to rush off to the ‘control room’, our adda for the college’s techno-management fest. Not that I have lot of work like xyz, but sometimes it gets crazy.  So! On we go.

What do writers write about? What would you, as a writer say- is passion more important or, work and deadlines?  Why do people write? I always thought I’d write for the sole purpose of enjoying it. For me, it was always a way to…establish an equilibrium. No matter what the time, when, how crazy the day gets, I’d write-just to get back to normal. Now, these old days of establishing equilibrium was in old diaries, safely kept away in dark corners of long forgotten cupboards; never a public forum or a blog. Now, maybe it’s because of the more hectic schedule(I hope so) – I can’t write.

Do you think public platforms affect a person’s writing? I’m starting to think, maybe! Somewhere along the line, in order to write coherently, I’m not making sense to me. Somewhere along the line to do something meaningful with my interests, I’ve lost myself. Somewhere along the line…writing is becoming more of a job than a hobby. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learnt plenty, and liked it. It’s just that …there’s something missing in the equation.

I used to find the most mundane pieces of writing and words interesting: magical.

Suddenly now, there’s no magic.

It cannot get lonelier than this.


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