# Redefined

Life that we keep referring to,

Life that we keep trying to defend

-that we keep trying to fit

into the picture in our head.

Right up to the same dimensions and pixels.

Life that we keep picturing, away from reality.

Maybe, it’s time to stop.

Maybe, it’s okay for it to be black and white,

or shades of grey.

Maybe it’s okay if the sizes don’t fit and numbers don’t tally.

Maybe it’s okay to tear it apart, 

stop trying to use it as a riposte,

stop trying to define it.


So I may not use the power of attraction- consciously.

So I might not take the perfect path-

towards the next step, the future-consciously.

So I may take a nap or read a novel-leisurely.

So I might pile up my plate and dig in,

I might just linger in the library, or swagger with my friends.

But I do so- happily.

And unconsciously, I’ve been taking small steps

to the place I’m meant to be.

All it took was a pen and paper;

amazing company;

an insatiable appetite;

giving into my hobbies all the time.

All it took was -being happy!


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