A lecture!

The sad part about attending college in Vellore is, I miss out on stuff. If I was home in Chennai more often, my typical day would go like day before-

I attended the Asian College of Journalism’s inaugural lecture for the batch of 2014 on Tuesday, 9th July 2013. This being the first time I genuinely wanted to attend any lecture, I’m glad it was Mr. Tariq Ali giving a lecture on ‘The state of journalism in the 21st century: Celebrities, trivia and whistle blowers.  He was witty and charming, sarcastic and quirky and how! Though my dad doesn’t agree with him on many counts and had to tag along because of me( the poor thing!), there’s no denying that he liked it too. I’m glad I even got a seat in the packed enclosure, with people from the press, the media, current students and faculty, alumni and well, the rest of us;)

From the changing aspects of journalism from when it was born, to discussing the cold war, Venezuela and Snowden- and India’s lack of guts,Pakistan and the political scenario, the trivialities in the media- and how!, the Guardian as a paper, the Hindu, the importance of investigative journalism, the changing face of things, the unipolar world, politicians, ..and more.

To the uninitiated, it was something worth hearing to, for from the 2 hours spent, there are baby steps that could be taken in different directions.

I wish he’d spoken about Tehelka too, when he mentioned The Hindu. It’s one good rock solid magazine that engages in investigative journalism( about which Mr.Tariq and I agreed- if not investigative journalism then the rest are a farce, a futile attempt at reporting).

It just occurred to me when Mr.Tariq pointed out that 60% of the babies born in Pakistan are turning out to be stunted that…do we think about that? By we I mean those of us who don’t..Pakistan in India is only thought of when the next ODI is going to take place; or when border issues happen; or when there’s been yet another terrorist attack; or when there’s war.

How simple it is, to live in a world cut off, in an AC room with food, water and shelter-and safety and to type in an article.

There’s so much more.


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