There was this line my psychology professor put forth in one of her lectures on social institutions last semester. We were having a discussion on the institution of marriage: polygamy, polygyny, monogamy, live in relationships and so on. A couple of kids ( actually I suspect, almost the whole class?) didn’t agree on the current system of marriages- arranged marriages specifically, but many rubbished away love marriages too, in today’s world ( I don’t blame them, compatibility issues?). Amongst all the clutter mam’s voice rang out trying to toe us into line, ” Monogamous marriages are the best: it provides maximum stability! It stood the test of time”. At that time it didn’t register with me, but now, sitting at the dentist’s waiting for my dad,  it suddenly occurs to me: Does it?- Provide maximum stability? Did it?- stand the test of time?

I’m blessed then, because my home is the ever erratic spitting image of the perfect home, amazing family with copius amount of love and fun; and my parents are the strongest people I know. More than anything though, they do the one thing that keeps ME strong- they portray a united front: stressing the fact that the relationship is what it should be- between two people, them, a unit.

But looking around  me today, the India of today, I can’t help but wonder, didn’t I get extremely lucky?

Because nowadays, all around, I’m looking at this sacred institution destabilizing.

And I wonder: did it indeed stand the test of time?

PS: Everyone dropping by, I would love it if you put in your viewpoints too..thank you! 

One thought on “MARRIAGES TODAY: Stabilizers?

  1. adi u r rite. monogamy is the best suited form of marriage in our culture. Its gives perseverance, endurance, stability , morality and overall a complete life.


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