Haave Mercy!:D

Haave Mercy!:D

I suddenly realised about 10 odd minutes ago that I haven’t given Uncle Jesse my vote of ‘I-oh-so-never-ever-can-get-over-you’.
Well,I just did.
John Stamos,aaah well,anyone can wikipedia the rest:all I wanted to put forth was-Haaave Mercy!:D
I think that’s why books with the perfect guy profiles sell a million dollar copies,and soaps with such faces just clinch the deal! Oh mama!
Face,looks,perfect cute uncle jesse,,and those expressions! I’m in heaven! Throw in the guitar and well,no wonder I’m filling my blog space with HAAAVE MERCY!:D
PS:The person who came up with those two words,you get all my love!:D


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