So here’s a thought.

How often do we forget that society came after man, and not the other way around? Wouldn’t everyone’s life be that much easier remembering this one tiny itsy bitsy thought?:)

I forget every other day.scratch,make that everyday.Minute.Moment.

Man CREATED society.It’s like a machine that’s overrun by a virus and nobody’s got the anti-virus ready.

Just imagine,how simple life actually IS.How hard or no, let’s chuck all the negative words pronto, how EASY is it? Really.Your whole life you’ve been thinking ‘What if..’,’What they,what we,what me,how..’.Or my mom’s reaction could well be,”Hey young lady! There’s gotta be a limit,we need limits,we need society”.Very well.Now what?

Seems to me,it’s pretty clear! (In my head that is! The day I follow all this,I will be oh so proud of myself!)

I got to be happy,have respect and love for others,and that’s it! ‘The Secret’ sure said that.

Look at “society” now.It could be anyone anywhere.It could be someone from a middle-class family like me,it could be a student in Japan, it could be a couple in Indonesia, it could be a family in Scotland, it could be a whole new country.It could be your book club,it could be your family,it could be your friends,it could be your workplace,your classroom,your SOCIETY. Isn’t it all the same?

Right now if I hear even one line from a person(the chicks roaming around the corridor hanging on to the grills with a phone for a penny for instance:P) thinking of their situation for themselves and not for “society” at large,here right here in my college in no map,I’d hug them.

Cuz I’d have found a person at this frequency:)

Life is about US.

NOT about society.It’s WE who matter.


Life is utterly butterly simple!:D


2 thoughts on “MAN,SOCIETY. Not SOCIETY,MAN.

  1. I completely agree. There’s the herd mentality which is another byproduct of conforming to societal rules. And then there’s looking at everything from a societal perspective. Personal preference should have a higher priority, no?


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