Everyone’s life is a story. A story filled with endless combinations of colors and possibilities,permutations of bliss and blight,love abound or nil to take.At the end of the day, it’s their story and each story is so very rich and bright,it’s beautiful. Cuz it’s all filled with meandering paths that take that extra seemingly unnecessary turn,the heart-breaking back-sets,the meaningless tragedies,the mind racking mistakes that all come together someday to finally form the bigger picture..that takes your breath away.

Gooooood morning!:D

My room-mate thinks I’ve lost it cuz she doesn’t see what’s to be exceptionally happy about this morning seeing how the impending exams are about to go.I guess that IS the reason why I’m happy and about.Exams make you do all the unconventional long forgotten rituals of your life past!;D

So I get up this morning,goofy smile playing all over my face,I can literally feel my eyes sparkling with mischievousness and I know I’m good to go.For now.Today.There is so much that one single thought,one single happy positive thought could do for a person.Just one!

A speck of clarity through the misty fog of a daily routine if you will!:)

# On cloud nine for no comprehendable reason!:D  

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