Home’s always a bundle of fun.This weekend,the sudden decision to pack my bags and zap home with my bestie is no different.We had a blast,in a way we always tend to!:P The fact that my mom loves her more than me doesn’t seem to bother me much:P

But the fact that for the first time in my life I could string together the Tamil letters and read whole paragraphs (with a lot of prompting on my granny’s behalf!:P ) stands out.Proud and loud.Loud and proud. Agreed,just because we were never transferred down south and kept roaming around in North India is no excuse to NOT learn my mother tongue. I think I did get doses and blasts from mom.She tried, the poor thing.

I guess it just goes on to show that there’s nothing to stop you if you are truly,genuinely  interested.

And everything happens when the time is right,when it has to happen.

Cheers to the small things in life that make one smile the most!:)


2 thoughts on “TAMIL!

  1. Great! U have started showing interest in tamil Lang . Everyone will be proud if they know their mother tongue read n write


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