Been a while.Read “college”. It reopened with the usual love and madness, the now familiar subject add and drop haze, and the mad mad rush to new classes. Thinking back on the week that went by, it’s amazing how HOPE works. After three and a half years of the same rut, one would think the excitement for a new semester, the energy while attending the first lecture would be nullified by past experiences.Right? Hope keeps surprising me.

I WAS excited before each lecture. Except some obvious ones:P I still hoped,dreamt of learning something, anything that would appeal to me before every lecture.After the week’s lectures? I’m not ready to sign them off.Yet.That is an improvement, aye mate. The subjects passed the 1st week test!

Also, I had to submit an article for a student chapter I belong to.It was something along these lines :

“When one clubs biomedical engineering and community service together, the list is endless and priceless. What NOT could one do being an amazing bio-engineer and having a will to help in the upliftment of society? At first go, one could say: Rehabilitation engineering! Biomedical waste management! Reasearch!

One step at a time though.Obviously we can’t suddenly come up with new ideas,implement them and develop protypes and get them patent-ed.That would be a tad bit too unrealistic.

On the bright side, there are many student clubs and organisations in VIT that do their bit for the community, from environmetal clean-ups and concerns to educating kis to health and lifestyle. YRC, IST-Teach for Vellore, Kalvi, M.A.D , are but a few.YRC, for example, takes out time annually to visit handicap focussed schools and orphanages.One could visit these schools, interact with the kids, understand what they need, and use the skills we develop to help them. Not right now, not right away, but it’s a start!

We have a core subject, rehabilitation engineering, which would encompass the above mentioned example. There is never going to be anything more heartening or endearing than doing your bit for the society, in your own way.

We could visit hospitals around Vellore and understand the biomedical waste department.Couldn’t we come up with something better? Could we perhaps improve upon it?

Make up your mind to help out in your community and sky’s the limit.You could come up with ten more ideas and together,we can implement them.

As a student, we have the power to bring about a drastic change in OUR society.Let’s do this!”

The article spells hope.Breathes hope.I was on hope’s cloud-9 for full 10 minutes.Before I came back to reality:P

Hope.It’s erratically rejuvenating, magical.

It’s amazingly misleading!;)


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