I’m a foodoholic. Or I’m just your regular hogger. All I know is that,like words and sports, food turns my day around. If I don’t overdo it that is.When I have something so deliciously simple and calorie-piling as strawberries with milkmaid.It’s so fantabulously yum I just had to write. NOW!

Reminds me of the strawberry and blueberry picking we did on our trip to Japan. A perfect holiday that, my first trip abroad when I was a kid. The very first thing we did was go strawberry picking! And then on to Fiji if I remember correctly. Thinking about it, I think that’s when I started devouring strawberries dipped in milkmaid. 

After the yummiest cheesecake I had at Sandy’s,Chennai yest, I’m getting an inkling of how my year’s going to go..Food-a-thon!:D

Like books and sports, this is something everyone would automatically associate with me:P It’s a pity I don’t have non-vegetarian food. Then I’d travel around the world sampling food items.Could there be a better combination? A better job? Nada!:D 

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