I’m at home.When at home I eat.I sleep.I read (just finished James Patterson and Mark Sullivan’s ‘Private Games’-Wow.My dad kept trying in vain to hook me up with his books the last few years.Now i understand why! Fast paced and a plot that consumes you up right from the start. Couldn’t keep it down till done!).I write.Oh and I go out too! No worries.Like I did today.Friends,relatives,and ..books! Thanks to college where I find myself caught up with xyz for unfathomable reasons,busy doing absolutely nothing 😛 I never get much reading done.So I went book hunting (Book buying actually.Say what who may,I love the feeling of HOLDING a book and reading it.Don’t get me wrong I have a kindle,a much appreciated and loved gadget, but at the end of the lane a BOOK beats an eBOOK! So i went into Landmark thinking the offer I’d seen last to last week would still be around (25% off on all Penguin Books.Wow) but instead it was the frequent ‘buy 3 get 1 free offer’.Lucky for me,my dad wanted Grisham’s and Jeffrey’s latest books and me? I had no clue till I walked in whatsapping people and stopped in front of stacks holding Life of Pi by,well I know,everybody knows,Yann Martel. Well,that’s what I’m off to now! The world of Pi!


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