If only I could BLINK it all away!!

If only I could explain all my actions-perceived as good or bad by people around me by ‘blink’. The good decisions and the bad. The confused ones too. Those would top the list, any day 😛

I don’t know what kept me from reading Malcolm Gladwell’s books before. Well, as he writes in his book Blink, my unconscious must have found the word blink, the presentation and the idea of the book, and the package appealing. I mean, it was something you were familiar with but never really thought to put a tag upon. Why wouldn’t you grab it and start reading till you drop, satiated?

Anyway, throughout the book and its numerous examples and theories I kept drawing parallels back into my life- my pretty straightforward and easy a life; sans any trouble or hardship or hassle. I’ve had no traumatizing experiences, no negative life altering escapades, no…Well, you get the flow. So with really cool and supportive parents added to the story, I think it’s *blink* blink* blink* all the way when it comes to my choice of course related decisions! …Or is it?

I’m no pioneer when it comes to commenting upon the Indian education system. I’m just a very dissatisfied student in its fold. Am I complaining about having only a few choices post tenth grade? Am I unhappy with the mixed bag of choices offered at Indian Universities? If I’m saying there should be more than three hard etched conventional streams after tenth grade, if I’m saying the society shouldn’t mouth engineering, medicine, science, and commerce into every undecided ear, if I’m that there should be more mix-match, more varieties, more choices, more flexibility in and around, does it make any sense? Is it right in thinking that maybe there should be a more ‘liberal arts’ like method adopted right from high school-not too young to get confused, not too old to regret the choices made?

Or am I just a student who is upended because I haven’t found my fit?

In Blink the author advises you to let your unconscious mind rule for big decisions while letting your conscious mind mull over the smaller ones. I’ve obviously operated the other way around; else I should have found my fit, right?

Blink says, too many choices would be a contradiction, for it says too many choices confuse the unconscious brain.

 So the only explanations that strike me are that either my unconscious mind got confused when my mom said I could do any course from the existing choices  in India, or my necessary *blink* moment didn’t come because the course of my choice just isn’t here. The former suggests I’m just stupid, whereas the latter could be because of lack of choices, or just plain unluckiness. Let’s go with the latter. 😀  

If there were a liberal arts like approach in high school, wouldn’t I have found my niche? I hope so. If the society was broad-minded, flexible and open to change, looked beyond money and materialistic interests, realized the satisfaction and contentment piping through while doing something one loves, there would be more scope for liberal arts and other different avenues which I might [notice the might!:P] have taken up.It all comes down to the blink moment,it all comes down to judgement.

I hope everyone finds their niche.

The best gift one could ask for.

~ adhithi.


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