Destiny whispers

Sudden and eminent a feeling..loneliness.Not the typical I-feel-lonely-happens for no plausible reason-scenario.This one was different.I think back to that fraction of a second,so unexpected and real,clear and yet vague.

A pang of being truly,wholly alone.That moment where pain meets pleasure, sadness harps against happiness,thirst fights against getting quenched.A clear picture of something unclear,all inside my head.So profound it was,this essence of emotion,it made my heart heavy but light,awakening something in its wake.

An unclear fairth,if you may.Or just a beginner’s folly?

Loneliness.A  human being’s true and unchallenged emotion.You meet people along your way,many tumble across uninvited and late,some sweep into your life bringing with them light and sunshine,while still others are the bearers of bad weather.You need them all,for in this world,there is no good and no bad,it just is.You need them all,aye,no shaking of heads,you do,for it they who shape your path,lead you to your destiny.In this cluttered place,bereft of space and life,destiny doesn’t seem to be able to cope up.Indeed I sat thinking about how she goes about her duties and suddenly i began-

” Show me my life; 

Show me my dreams;

Show it all to me;

not a minute more shall I wait!”

She stood there,lost to my words.Imploring on I say,

“Nay not a second more.

Quench my thirst,

leave me not hanging so,

beg you,I do;

Unveil my visions,

long have they been hidden and unseen”.

She takes pity on me and looks my way.

“Silent and mute,

upon me they stall;

So deep and profound,

have I ever felt an impact so sound?

Eyes that harbor

wit and humor,

sadness and malady;

It fills my eyes with tears it does,

for upon my word,

there’s a story to be heard,

Her eyes so expressive,

with no words spilling,

I wait to hear it all..and more,

For it’s the destiny of my life”.

She shakes her head,and mutters as if every word being uttered is breaking a golden bond,

“Eyes open,lids shut,a blind woman’s path through life,lazy and lazier shall you grow,take charge as you go,take the first few steps and then I shall help you through life.

Always remember,the first few steps are yours to take..alone.”



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