The Book Therapy

No doubt you agree with me on this.I’m crazy about books so you better do!

Books when chosen correctly never let me down.Feeling romantic? Georgette Heyer it is.Though I don’t harp about all her regency novels,specially after Cotillion which I read this semester,on an impulse,a whim to get back to her work,there are those first few which I started with-The devil’s cub,These old shades,Blackmoth,friday’s child,and these I shall always cherish.One of the few authors whose writing has that flow that transports you to her worlds and words of ‘deuce’ and ‘chit’ and make you feel alive and excited every other line.

Feeling cranky?Pick up an Alister Maclain. I haven’t known them to ever disappoint-with the sarcasm and wit so startling and refreshing through the pages,starting from when my dad introduced me to ‘Where eagles dare’.Pick up any mainstream thriller novel.Jeffery archer.David Baldacci.Sidney sheldon.Let their stories unfold around you,forget your surroundings and misgivings and just let go for a while.

Feeling extremely content? There’s nothing quite like reading peaceful,yet shattering a book in this mood.Like when I had the good fortune to read ‘The daydreamer’ by Ian McEwan. Simple and soft,it transports you to place far far away and you can count on having a soft hoverving smile on your face the entire period of reading.

Feeling adventurous?Pick up an author you have never heard of.Like ‘Bachelor brother’s bread and breakfast pillow book’ by Bill Richardson that I’d never heard of,but chanced upon.It’ll remind you of what English actually is,the wonderful world of words that doesn’t seem to come forth in many a book these days.This book I picked up by chance to throw the nosy librarian off my back,was an experience onto itself.The first two lines promised me that.So much so that I shut the book and beamed like I had suddenly been given a publishing company to run! For the moment anyways 😉 For here was a book of humor,a unique plot with,admittedly,wavering a story line but fresh with interesting snippets and fine fine fine words!Never have I ever used a dictionary for every other paragraph the whole book through and keep at it through Diwali and food!

Or for that matter pick up a copy of Markus Zusak’s ‘The Book Thief’ or ‘Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins or..there are so many.That fact alone gets me going..more books!

There is a book for every mood,find your fit and your good to go,be it cocky exams or beelzabub himself!



4 thoughts on “The Book Therapy

  1. I never really follow particular authors, yet I’m envious of the sheer number of book you’ve read. Sometimes I wish i was as jo*les*…… liberated as you!


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