(Pardon the sms lingo just this seemed apt at that moment..)


u dont want something u wanted the most anymore..

u dont like what u loved the most..

u arent whom u wanted to be..

u want xyz n try as u may u get abc..

u try not caring and end up hurting ureself..

u listen to others n only regret it later..

u try try so hard bt in vain..

u push to get something and end up pushing it farther away..

u dunno what to do it gets so mad..

u start laughing n it turns into a tearing up bout..

u know ure good oh so much better bt it doesnt seem to matter..

u dont do what u did good..

u slip so much itz hard to bounce back..

u dont know why someone’s sweet to u..

u are okay!bt it doesnt appear so..

u are broke n put up a brave face..

u knw u can handle it yet need want sum1..

u knw its gonna b okay yet want a reassurance..

u dont know when ure life took the right turn..

u don’t know why a person helps u out so much..

u dunno when ure giving advice n when ure taking it n why..

u know its a mistake bt do it again n again..

u know the feeling at the pit of ure stomach,the one that keeps sayin itz a mistake..

u do knw right,d feeling that makes u hurl up..

u still keep it at bay cuz u think at some point its worth it..

u sap the negativity outta one thing it slips into some other..

u say it,ask for it,shoot for it n get shot for it..

u cant figure out right from wrong..

u feel like doing a million things at one instant n nothing the next..

u dont know if u wanna cry,or crib or get pissed abt sumthn..

u dunno what to do n let go..



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