It’s my song

I am but human-
I forget and you are hurt;
I forgive and get hurt;
I love and I care-
Enter into dalliances;
I live in my own state of halcyon-
Hyper and compulsive;
I rant and I rave;
I crib and I cry;
I pout and I stomp;
I give and I take;
I do as I please;
Seems just fine to me;
My words have a tune;
Right or wrong,
This is my song;
So play along,
Or be gone!


6 thoughts on “It’s my song

  1. I’m telling now,
    I give up the feeling of being down,
    No matter if the foxes trot or the sky is blue,
    People love me with all their heart.

    Loved your song babes. Very well crafted. Sorry about the late reply though.


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