A Challenge!

In the mundane rut that has slowly but steadily taken over the life of an engineering student who should be doing anything BUT the particular course she is doing, a challenge suddenly stirs the spirit within her.

Books..stories..words..the fuel to kick start her word-crazy,bibliophilic and ever-pining-for-a story self,lost somewhere between the equations of complex numbers and variables.She chances upon this blog where the author speaks of a challenge in http://www.nanowrimo.org .She clicks on the link and voila! In 10 minutes,the multiple layers of boredom,laziness,dull-to-earth-ness,never-to-be-understood piles of math,mechanics,etc is quickly shrugged off.The transformation in 10 minutes is mind ogling.Stepping out of the rubble of layers is a beautiful woman.She’s had a major make-over.She is the epitome of smartness.She looks lively and her eyes shine bright as if guided from deep within.She walks with the confidence of one who’s finally found her calling.

Has she?



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